Business meetings for industrial robotics

28-29 october, 2020 at La Roche-sur-Yon, France

Conference Program


Stakes: adaptability, agility, productivity, difficulty - Industrial robotics is an essential component of the factory of tomorrow. Robotics, its environment, the players, the market, the technology, have all evolved considerably for several years: the multiplication of business applications, a design centered on the human component, the integration of new uses, new digital technologies. Industrial stakes are important for the success of the activity, in order to keep a sustainable business. The conferences will allow you to have an up to date view on the current robotics industry, while also sharing the different approaches on the integration of industrial robots. Points of view and feedback from manufacturers, integrators, and industrial users will mark the 2 days of the convention.


11h40 - 12h20 OPENING CONFERENCE: State of the art: industrial robotics in France today

Serge NadreauMr. Serge NADREAU
Robotic Group president of Symop (ABB France)


Industry 4.0 is running, how far will it go?

Industrial robotics in 2018? Where does the French industry stand in comparison with our European neighbors and our global competitors? What are the current trends in the French industry in terms of robot integration? There is a lot of talk about the industry of the future, but how are French manufacturers considering to integrate robotics and how are the professions related to robotics developing to meet their needs? SYMOP, the professional organization of the creators of industrial solutions, manufacturers of machines, technologies and equipment for industrial production, will answer these questions and will set the national context of industrial robotics.

14h40 - 15h20 ROUND TABLE: Collaborative robotics

Clément LesortMr. Clémont LESORT, Journalist
Samuel SegalenMr. Samuel SEGALEN, 
Product Manager Robotics Division of
Adrien PoinssotMr. Adrien POINSSOT
Sales Development Manager - France of Universal Robots Spain S.L.
Mickael PoirierMr. Mickael POIRIER
Responsable Unité Projets région Centre-Ouest Apave
Mr. Emmanuel FRERE
Project Manager/Central Methods, Zodiac Aerospace


Collaborative robotics can be defined by a robot designed to work in a common area with the operator in the production phase. This robot integrates security functions, as to limit or even eliminate the fenced enclosures and improve human-robot interaction. We will also talk about collaborative robots, mobile robots and exoskeletons. The stakes promised to businesses! The flexibility and versatility of the manufacturing tool by retaining or reintroducing the human operator. Gains in productivity, while controlling security in the different phases of use and at the same time reducing the floor space. Accuracy, endurance and effort where the operator capitalizes on expertise, intelligence and decision-making, these are the promises of collaborative robotics. But when does this really happen? Through different approaches of robot builders and industrial users we will share their visions on what a collaborative robot is, as well as information on the field of possibilities available for industrial users.




Pierre LoonisMr. Pierre LOONIS
President of Proxinnov
Sylvain BilodeauMr. Sylvain Bilodeau
R&D Agent at Centre de Recherche Industrielle du Québec (CRIQ)


Crossed perspectives "Canada VS France"
What are the industrial needs ? Is the same industrial culture ? Regulations but also governemental tools will be exposed to exchange on the good practices and feedbacks of the two countries.

14h00 - 14h40 USE CASE

Emmanuel CailleMr. Emmanuel Caille
Industrial Director of Groupe Atlantic

  Testimony of the automation process of a French industrialist! An user and managerial approach. The Atlantic Group, established in Vendée for 50 years, deploys its thermal comfort solutions in 4 areas worldwide: heating, domestic hot water, air conditioning, ventilation.