Business meetings for industrial robotics

Octobre 24-25, 2018 à La Roche-sur-Yon - France

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  • Buyers
    You wish to meet suppliers to implement your projects and find solutions in the industrial robotics?
  • Exhibitors
    You wish to sell your products, services and experience in industrial robotics?
  • Targeted business meetings
    Get an agenda of targeted BtoB meetings with the contacts of your choice over two days.

What is Robot4Manufacturing

2 days of preprogrammed business meetings between users of industrial robotics and solutions provider offering their capabilities and services.

Robot4Manufacturing business convention is a place for meetings and exchanges between professionals involved with industrial robotisation through 2 days of preprogrammed BtoB meetings. It also allows each attendee to deepen its industrial robotics knowledge through specialized workshops and conferences (state of the art, latest technologies).

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The industrial robotics:
a key area for the development of business activity

Industrial robotics enables productivity and competitiveness improvement and offers new solutions and flexibilities for a continuous adaptation of the production. Suitable for small and medium series with a fast returns on investment, it is today available to every kind of companies and sectors. Recent technological innovations (advanced vision, work stations securisation, man/machine interface ...) keep offering new perspectives for users.

Robotics also becomes today "cobotics" for guaranteed and effective collaborations between man and robot.